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Since 1970 until now…
Our company, which adopts the principle of offering unique tastes to our customers, was establis-hed in 1970 by Hacı Zeki AKTAŞ.Hacı Hasan Oğulları which has business ethics, decency and unders-tanding of “being a good person” at its roots had gone in an action with a small workshop in Gülbah-çe, Bursa.Our company, which started to produce baklava under tough conditions, has acquired the labor and patience as its capital.Hacı Hasan Oğulları had played offensive by opening sales & display stores in the city center in 1983 and Setbaşı branch -which is still our favorite store- has became very popular in 1985.In 1995, Hacı Hasan Oğulları has entered to the period of growing and offering more quality service by coming out of its shell and having an institutional company identity.In 2005, we made a decision of increasing the number of branch by giving franchising country-wide.By 2010, Hacı Hasan Oğulları has succeeded being a model company thanks to its trusted hygiene standards, trustful employees and branches and became an exporting company.No doubt, everything has not always gone well during 50 years of its history. There were days when we were in trouble due to the economic conditions in our country. However, we managed to overcome these difficult days by not compromising our quality under any circumstances and without missing the smile on our faces. Now, we keep carrying our brand to higher levels at every food stage by blending the knowledge gained from our elders with modern operating conditions and state-of-art technologies in our pro-duction.

We will keep working hard for better…. With love and respect…

Hacı Hasan Oğulları whose foundation was constructed by Hacı Zeki AKTAŞ in 1970 aimed to introduce our traditional taste Baklava to whole world with its all diversity by not comprimising its quality and to be prominent in its field by creating baklava supply chain where all expectaions are fulfilled. Hacı Hasan Oğulları has proved its claim as being prominent baklava manufacturer by intensive export moves recently and became leading manufacturer in the sector by becaming the gateway of Turkey which is open abroad for the Antep Baklava.Our company that leaves its competitors in the dust thanks to its production quality, is making its mark in export world by drawing an ever-rising graph.
From Bursa to whole world…
Hacı Hasan Oğulları whose moves the advanture that started half a century ago forward with dedication and enthusiasm, is developed constantly in order to meet the increasing demand all over the world.Hacı Hasan Oğulları whose the pioneer of quality baklava in Turkey, has gone further and made many steps in order to provide the quality baklava to whole world and reached its goal.Hacı Hasan Oğulları that is a great manufacturer and exporter continues its baklava sales and exports accelerately by taking courage from its deep-rooted past of 51 years.Our brand reaches hundreds of point country-wide with 10 sales branches and online sales channel in Turkish market.Baklava that is traditional Turkish dessert is being exported to 30 countries on 5 continents through Hacı Hasan Oğulları.Hacı Hasan Oğulları that mainly serves to USA-New Jersey, Germany, France, İtaly, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom, Palestine, Oman, Singapore, Maldives, Moritania and other many countries; is expanding its exporting countries day by day and represents Turkey in the world.
How our products are delivered to the countries demands an order?
Baklava that is ordered by customer, are produced in food-grade disposible aluminium trays which is designed specifically for export, trays are placed in a special designed internal boxes and outer boxes that has high strength, the outer boxes are aligned on a pallet, and are dispatched to relevant country. Hacı Hasan Oğulları assure safe delivery of goods to customer by making a comprehensive and details plan starting from raw material selection to composing production recipe, production and delivery. According to customer demand, the goods may be despatched respectively by airplane, truck or container/ship.

Hacı Hasan Oğulları.